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Welcome to the Clovis Point Athletics Page.

We strongly encourage all students to try out for any and all opportunities within our athletic program. Research has proven that academic scores go up when students participate in athletics.

There is no fee and no cuts for all of our team sports!

Go Coyotes!!
Clovis Point Sports Information
7th Grade Boys Basketball: Head Coach/Doug McGill. Assistant Coach/Jamie Carter & Tracy Goff
7th Grade Girls Basketball: Head Coach/Kessley Grode. Assistant Coach/Jamie Hartman
7th Grade Wrestling: Head Coach: Chantz Webb. Assistant Coach: Scott Womach

6th & 7th Grade Cross Country: Head Coach/Jeff Zehnder. Assistant Coach: Jenny Hunt
7th Grade Football: Head Coach/Kyle Dockins. Assistant Coach/Isaiah Davis.
7th Grade Girls Soccer: Head Coach/Gloria Espinoza. Assistant Coach/Noemi Martinez
7th Grade Volleyball: Head Coach/Kristy Barnes. Assistant Coach/Kessley Grode

6th & 7th Grade Drill Team: Head Coach/Sheila Stehr. Assistant Coach/Kristy Barnes.
7th Grade Boys Soccer: Head Coach: Alan Barrios. Assistant Coach: Julio Chavez
7th Grade Girls Softball: Head Coach/Sam Gilstrap.
7th Grade Track: Head Coach/Robert Arlt. Assistant Coach/Deb McGill